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EDT (Essential Driver Training)

EDT has been given by Driving Instructors for many years. It is tuition that is aimed to make you a safe and Competent Driver.

From Learning the pedals and moving off and stopping to Driving at night and negotiating busy road junctions, EDT covers it all.

The RSA have now made EDT compulsory for all new learner drivers who were issued their learner permit on or after the 4th April 2011. This means if you are a new learner driver you are required under Law to take 12 Driving lessons covering every aspect of EDT with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADi).

The ADi will issue with a logbook on your first lesson and will be stamped after each module of EDT has been completed. Here are the 12 modules:

Lesson 1: Car Controls and Safety Checks

Lesson 2: Correct Positioning

Lesson 3: Changing Direction

Lesson 4: Progression Management

Lesson 5: Correct Positioning (medium traffic)

Lesson 6: Anticipation and Reaction

Lesson 7: Sharing the Road

Lesson 8: Driving Safely through Traffic

Lesson 9: Changing Direction (medium traffic)

Lesson 10: Speed Management

Lesson 11: Driving Calmly

Lesson 12: Driving at Night

You must practice. This can come from a qualified driver (your nominated sponsor) or a driving instructor.

You cannot take your driving test for at least 6 months after the date your permit was issued. This is to allow you to Learn properly with an ADi.

If you have any further questions on EDT or require an information booklet, give me a call on 087 9611905 or send an email to ProgressCork@gmail.com

If you want to read more about EDT you can follow this link to our partner website DrivingSchoolCork.ie